#GivingTuesday 2017

On this annual day of giving back, we are inspired by our local crew at the Bichli Haveli Project in India. The majority come from the Udaipur region and especially from the local female laborer population, a highly vulnerable group who normally does not have the opportunity to learn a trade.

The Bichli Haveli crew is training in traditional building craft.

In today’s video, we’re featuring three historic restoration tasks the crew is undertaking at the Bichli Haveli (a historic Rajasthani house) using traditional methods and materials:
  • installation of stone lintels
  • plastering entire rooms
  • replacing damaged stone brackets

With your support today, the crew is improving their lives.

Your donation goes a long way in India. It will ensure that the crew can continuously improve their skills and rise from unskilled general laborers to well-paid craftspeople, improving their families’ lives and their communities in turn.

Please support these hard-working individuals this #GivingTuesday by making a gift.