Thank you for your calls, emails, messages of concern for Nepal, and the Restoration Works International community.

Thankfully, we have located our partners, colleagues, interns and friends. Head Lama Shashi Dhoj and the Tulachan family (including brother Chakra and nephews Prajeet and Prajwal) are safe. The Bhattachans in Nepal are also safe, as are John Sanday and his architectural staff at JSA, and all at Malla Treks (Stan Armington, Dawa, and Durga).

Communications with Nepal, and within Nepal, remain challenging. We were relieved to get word that the young monks and staff at the Chhairo Gompa are fine. As a precautionary measure, they have temporarily moved out of the gompa (and away from falling trees). We understand there is some minimal damage to the Chhairo Gompa, and are waiting for a team to investigate further. We are hopeful that the community and the gompa itself are fine, as the Mustang region appears not to be badly affected.


The large-scale humanitarian crisis right now is of primary concern. The following are links to some organizations with existing staff and resources in-country that have been immediately deployed. This is important, as many aid organizations struggle to get staff and supplies into Nepal. Nepal Villagers’ EarthquakeFund, Oxfam , Habitat for Humanity, Mercy Corp, Save the Children

Some of the RWI Nepal community residing in the US are embarking on fundraising efforts as well. If you would like to support them, please check our facebook page where we will post information as it becomes available.

In the months ahead, Nepal faces enormous challenges in rebuilding, not just homes and hospitals and schools and shops but the cultural monuments that are such a crucial part of Nepal’s heritage, and which help provide jobs and income for many Nepalis. RWI is ready to do our part.

RWI’s fall work trip to Chhairo is scheduled for October 26-November 6. Please consider joining us in a strong show of continuing support for the Chhairo community and the people of Nepal. As you know, RWI has minimal overhead expenses, so you can be assured that more than 90% of your donation stays in country.

Over the coming weeks and months, as we speak with our Nepali contacts and better assess the situation, we will be developing additional avenues through which RWI can contribute to the post-disaster effort. We will keep you posted.

Thanks again for your concern, and your support.