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85% of donations to Restoration Works International
go directly to a project.

Restoration Works International is a United States 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible (consult your tax professional).

Employ 2 Laborers for 2 Weeks: $50

Purchase stone to replace five damaged stone lintels or brackets: $100

Pays the salary of a traditional craftsperson for 1 month: $250

“What I like about the program is that our funds helped to support the project and locals, but members of the community were also involved in the project. The Nepali people were involved at all levels, from decision making to general labor.”
– Nepal Participant


Tour fees are a donation

As a volunteer participant, you receive a charitable donation receipt for your tour fee, which is tax deductable (contact your tax professional). We direct your contribution into the restoration effort: providing dozens of jobs and job training for local people, purchasing material, and paying for local services, such as room and board.

Many ways to volunteer:

Meet us in Royal Rajasthan


After our recent success in Nepal, our latest project is in India. Help us make Royalty Again! Our upcoming project is in Royal Rajasthan in North India where we will help restore the beauty of an ancient house. We will have multiple ongoing tour dates and can also arrange Private Trips for bigger parties.


Lead a Tour


Are you a RWI veteran? Ready to serve more? Have a big group? Become a group leader for our upcoming trips and be responsible for heading up a trip to a project site, doing everything from pre-trip volunteer contact to in-country coordination and leadership to post-trip communication. RWI covers your trip fee and in-country costs – you’re responsible for your plane fare and visas. Generally, first preference is given to volunteers who have worked on-site on an RWI program.

Help us from home


Besides donation, you can also help us in so many ways – help us recruit volunteers to work on site, fundraise, help us write grants! If you’d like to help us in our efforts, we have marketing materials, presentations and talking points for you to use.

Corporate Champions

Help RWI expand our programs and our funding base. There are many options available for corporations wishing to work with RWI. Additionally, we can discuss ways to ensure our volunteer base as well as marketing materials have your company’s logo and links. Please contact us to discuss further.

Be More Than a Logo!
Become a Partner

A full corporate sponsorship can include a combination of donations, employee volunteer programs, event sponsorship and gifts in kind. Please contact us and we can provide more details.

Gifts in Kind

Hotel rooms, air tickets, IT equipment and expertise. If you can help us with a donation in kind, we’d love to hear from you.

Corporate Fundraising Campaign

If your company is undertaking a fundraising campaign, we would be pleased to work together.

Sponsor an Event

Your sponsorship of various local events that are held throughout the year helps us keep our marketing costs low. We market your company at the local event and will share photographs, videos and more.

Employee Volunteer Program

Experiencing an RWI on-site project firsthand can be a valuable adventure for your employees. Launch a volunteer program within your organization, or sponsor your company’s offsite or team-building initiative as part of an RWI project.


Your donation can be directed toward a particular segment of an existing project, can help us launch a new project or can fund the initial investigation of a potential site.

“Nepal, you were breathtaking in so many ways. I will miss your amazing scenery, flags, serenity and smiles. Big thanks to Restoration Works International for the opportunity to help restore an ancient temple tucked away in the Himalayas, alongside a great team. I will never forget this experience!!”
- Xochi, USA participant